Nigeria has one of the five largest youth populations in the world. Sadly, we ranked 161st out of 181 countries on the 2020 youth development index.

No nation can develop outside the deliberate investments in the development of her youths. All great nations in history and contemporary times are built on the shoulders of their youths.

Mungo Park led the first successful exploration of West Africa for Europe at the age of 23years. Lee Kuan Yew became the Prime Minister of Singapore at the age 36years. Chief Awolowo founded the Action Group at the age of 41years and became the Prime Minister at the age of 45years.

It is the duty of every focused society and leadership to build its youths and give them opportunities to unlock their potentials and that of the society.

Many young persons are competent, visionary, promising, gifted and indispensable to delivering the society of our dream. Without their active involvements in governance, business, leadership and every aspects of our national life, we can’t moveee.

On the occasion of this International Youth Day, as individuals and as a nation, let’s reflect on the number of youths we have given wings to their dreams to fly and let’s also celebrate by giving the dreams of more Nigerian youths the needed wings to fly.

‘Tunde Olatunji

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