Certificate Alone Does Not Guarantee Success!

Success is not essentially a function of background or certificates, but largely dependent on individual disposition demonstrated in acquisition of problem solving skills, focus, perseverance, tenacity and sincerity of purpose.

I made the submission while delivering a lecture on “Scaling up of future of work for graduating students of Nigeria Universities” at the Fountain University, Osogbo, Osun State.

The emerging trend of the global human needs index, driven by technology required individual problem solvers ,which transcends the purview of mere academic competence, but with distinguishing skill to proffer the solution.

Understanding one’s purpose in life is cardinal to the mileage any one would attain in impacting on the world, adding that without such significant impact, one would just be lost in the crowd.

I urged the students not to be limited to and by their individual course of study, but to look inward towards developing their skills which is a major impetus that would announce their impact and guarantee them sustainable living.

Those born in this generation with multifarious opportunities created by a globalized international community of Information Communication Technology has no excuse whatsoever to fail.

This is my fourth university guest lecture in the month of June and it was impactful and well attended by students and lecturers.

We are irrevocably committed to impacting our generation through robust practical intellectual engagements, knowledge sharing and capacity building in other to build a functional society that works for all.

Have a great thursday.