Osun Assembly whip celebrates outstanding young talents

Osun Assembly whip celebrates outstanding young talents

In his resolve to identify and deepen discovery of unique young persons in the State of Osun, the Chief Whip of the State House of Assembly, Mr ‘Tunde Olatunji has celebrated two exceptional young persons in Academic and Sport. They are both a product of his ‘Tunde Olatunji Education Support Initiatives.

“I want to specially thank my “father” – Hon. Olatunji, who gave me hope when I lost hope because my biological parents can no longer sponsor my education beyond secondary school.”

“I never knew the worth of what God deposited in me, until I was discovered during the ‘Tunde Olatunji Ayo Olopon Competition and ever since then he has been treating me well as a father. He is always supporting and encouraging me to be the best in my academics and sports.”

Those were words from the two(2) great young talents at the event which took place in Mr. Olatunji’s office at the House of Assembly Complex in Osogbo. He hyped on the need for influential Nigerians to help people with talents live their dreams, while he also stressed the need to promote and project the nation’s traditional games to international reckoning.

The two distinguished young persons are Akinpelu Rafiu, a 15 year old Government middle school student from Ejigbo and one of the discovery and winner of the ‘Tunde Olatunji Ayo Olopon middle school competition, who represented the state of Osun and won a medal at the just concluded National Games in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Akinpelu Rafiu won Gold medal in the Ayo Olopon competition for middle schools in Osun State sponsored by Mr Olatunji, and subsequently represented Osun State in the just concluded National Games held in Ilorin, where he won Bronze Medal for the state.

Similarly, is Ridwan Kamardeen, who has again distinguished himself by scoring 81.88% aggregate in post UMTE at the University of Ibadan where he applied to study medicine.

Ridwan, who along side the principal of his School, Ataoja Government Secondary school Osogbo, Dr Taiwo Adeagbo presented the post UMTE result to the Legislator, following his adoption by Olatunji in May this year, with a promise to sponsor Ridwan medical education based on his outstanding performance and the indigent nature of his background.

Addressing his visitor, the Osun Assembly Chief Whip, who decried making such gesture public however said he discovered that it would awaken the interest of other kindhearted people, who might not ordinarily think in such direction.

On his motivation in such philanthropic adventure, Mr Olatunji said, ” I am of particular concern about the future of Nigeria, which unarguably rests in the hands of the young ones. We can not afford to abdicate this task of identifying young talents and brains and supporting them believing its government business alone. Its a misconception as such talents uncultivated, will wrongly mature into becoming threats to all of us”.

“I do not have all the money and I’m sure we don’t even need to have all the money to be of help, but just a willing spirit.”

The Legislator who is particular about promotion of Ayo Olopon retorted, ” Ayo Olopon falls in the category of board games which are currently multi billion dollars sports globally. We should take decisive step to develop and patent our Ayo Olopon as a board game, that can be listed and enrolled during international competitions like the Olympics”

Earlier, the Principal of Ataoja Government Secondary School, Dr. Taiwo Adeagbo thanked the Legislator for taking up Ridwan’s Education and that of many students across the state and beyond.

The father of Akinpelu Rafiu, the Ayo Olopon whiz kid, Mr Liasu Akinpelu who accompanied his son also lauded the Legislator for his intervention in presenting his son’s talent to the world, otherwise, it would have just wasted at home.

Akinpelu’s coach, Mr Abiola Muritala also pleaded with other influential Nigerians to emulate the Legislator towards developing young and virile talents.

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