Osun legislator tasks Nigerian youths on skill acquisition, capacity building

Osun legislator tasks Nigerian youths on skill acquisition, capacity building

Nigerian youths have been advised to acquire skills that would improve their capacity for the multi-tasking leadership needed to address the emerging challenges of the 21st century.

The Chief Whip of the Osun State House of Assembly, Mr Tunde Olatunji gave the advice while addressing leaders of students organizations in the College of Health Sciences of the Osun State University, Osogbo.

Mr Olatunji described higher institutions as a veritable ground for the incubation of prospective leaders, where they are impacted with the requisite tools required to lead a new generation.

The legislator observed that “student activism in Nigeria has continued to deploy same approach prevalent during the struggle against military rule; an approach which is obviously obsolete in a generation of democratic engagement.”

He charged student leaders to be innovative and demonstrate ingenuity in their relationship with school authorities, for them to be taken seriously in quest to be involved in developmental efforts on campus which also serve as a training opportunity.

“Sometimes, I find it irreconcilable when students of Civil Engineering, for example, ask me to help them with where to do Industrial Attachment, whereas, construction works of various types go on on the same campus as at the time of the request.

This is an area genuine students union leaders can engage the school authority to take advantage of this,” Olatunji said.

The Osun Assembly Chief Whip urged students to be prepared for life outside the schools, which he described as more important and the stage to put to test all the knowledge and skills acquired overtime.

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