People And Purpose

In the journey of life and fulfillment of purpose, you will always need people.

People will be your greatest assets at the same time they will constitute your biggest challenge. One simply needs to get used to that!

In today’s world of increasing human complexity, people management skill is one of the key ingredients in determining how far anyone can go in achieving both personal and Institutional goals.

Unfortunately, one of our biggest problems today is that people management has been miscontrued as the ability to deceive, to coerce or to manipulate people to achieve set goals. Where as, it simply means the ability to lead, to motivate and to inspire people with utmost Integrity and Competence.

In addition to expertise and technical competence, it is equally important for us to acquire people management skills so as to achieve our set goals and fulifill purpose in life.

Good morning and have a purposeful friday!

‘Tunde Olatunji
Office of the Chief Whip
Osun State House of Assembly