PURPOSE is the reason for the creation or existence of a thing or a cause of action. PLAN is a set of intended actions to fulfill a Purpose.

God has a PURPOSE for everyone and everything He created but it is the duty of every man to make Plans to fulfill that Purpose.

Some Plans may fail or change while others will work. It’s all fine!

However, the change or failure of a man’s Plan does not frustrate the Purpose of God.

If moving from Ibadan to Lagos is God’s Purpose for you and all flights got canceled due to bad weather. Remind yourself that the Purpose of traveling is still intact.

You simply change your plan to traveling by road or going by rail but not to start thinking of discontinuing the journey.

Yes, the means of transportation to Lagos may change and the arrival time might be altered but getting to your destination is assured and fulfilling the purpose of traveling is guaranteed.

When you feel like things are not working according to your PLANS, not to worry, just change and rework your plans, the PURPOSE of God for you is still intact.

“Many are the PLANS in the mind of a man, but it is the PURPOSE of GOD that will prevail” – Proverbs 19 verse 21.

Happy Sunday!

‘Tunde Lekan Olatunji
Economic & Financial Expert | Author | Legislator

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