What people don’t know, they can not ruin.

Dangote Group is one of the largest conglomerate in Africa yet Alhaji Aliko Dangote maintains Privacy.

Zenith Bank is the most capitalized bank in Nigeria and Mr. Jim Ovia still maintains privacy.

The owner Globacom is the 3rd richest man in Africa but Otunba Mike Adenuga’s commitment to Privacy is legendary.

One of the secrets of long lasting success is Privacy.

Privacy is different from Secrecy. Privacy is to Protect while Secrecy is to hide.

Avoid making unnecessary noise about yourself. The social media was not designed to serve as your Private diary, Action plan or Vision timeline.

Even if you operate in the public sector or your achievements have become too visible and loud to hide, you are still under obligation to maintain the privacy of your personality, strengths, strategies, plans, dreams, vision, goals etc.

Still waters run deep. If you want to go far in life manage your Privacy.

Tunde ‘Lekan Olatunji

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