Stagflation, Economic Trillema, Insecurity…….

Amidst all the challenges of the moment and the chaos of the season, you just have to stay strong for yourself to see through it.

As it appears the only option left is to give up on everything, don’t ever give up on yourself. Just keep keeping on with your goal and try one more time.

Don’t allow anybody to look down on you because of what you’re passing through today. If it can be somebody’s time today, it can be anybody’s (and your) time tomorrow.

Life is in phases. Hold tight to your dreams with sincerity of purpose and your tomorrow will surely be great.

Be fair to you by surrounding yourself with those who genuinely believe in you and your vision. Above all, trust God undoubtedly, don’t loose focus and just be strong for yourself.

Have a fulfilling new week!

……Adaptation of my speech at the public lecture I delivered yesterday.

‘Tunde Lekan Olatunji

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