It takes about six (6) months to build a Rolls-Royce, whereas it takes an average of eleven (11) to thirty five (35) hours, less than two (2) days, to manufacture a Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and most cars.

Rolls-Royces are not mass produced like other vehicles. They are handcrafted by teams of highly skilled craftsmen and designers with meticulous attention to details, quality, excellence and uniqueness. Hence, it’s bespoke luxurious designs and high price tag.

Whatever you do, carve a niche for yourself.

Excellence and Quality may take time, but they will stand you out.

Spend your time wisely and be intentional about your output.

Invest in yourself and build your capacity to be outstanding.

Don’t be defined by average or ordinary, do more and be extraordinary!

‘Tunde Olatunji

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