THE SHARK AND THE AQUARIUM. (Synopsis from my coming book)

There are documented evidences that a shark in the ocean can grow to be between an average of 5feet(60 inches) and 48feet (576inches) depending on the specie. But a shark you find in a tank/ aquarium may not grow beyond 6inches and 48inches, depending on the breed as well.

Meaning, a shark can loose as much as 91% of its full potential and end up like a catfish or a tilapia by the reasons of environment, diet/consumption and underestimation of potential.

Just like sharks that may never outgrow their environments, the same rule applies to humans. Our environment, the associations we keep, what we feed our mind and brain, the extent to which we recognise and utilise our God’s given abilities and gifts are critical factors to our success and the attainment of our full potential in life.

You are created for greatness and impacts, don’t limit yourself or give room for any situation, circumstances, mindset, associations, people, sentiments, emotions or environment to place limitations on you.

Jumah Mubarak. Happy Friday!

Tunde ‘Lekan Olatunji
Economic & Financial Expert | Public Servant | Author

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