Years back, it looked nearly impossible that a global giant like the Blackberry will go into extinction. Again, one would not have imagined Nokia loosing it’s position, as the number one manufacturer of mobile phone in the world for many years, to become a brand struggling for survival and relevance today.

What are the lessons?

The unique selling point of today may become the vulnerable point tomorrow.

We live in a world where transformation is so rapid and changes outrightly inescapable.

Those who fail to Improve themselves and update their skills run the risk of becoming redundant and ultimately irrelevant.

If the tools of yesterday can be of no value today, definitely the assets of today can become a liability tomorrow.

As we journey through this new year, change your thinking and upgrade your skills; add value to yourself and try something new.

Regardless of all the challenges, obstacles and the vagaries of economy and life, be intentional about your purpose and vision in 2024.

With God, you will achieve your goals if you are UNFETTERED..

Happy Sunday and blessed new week!

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