To say “TIME IS MONEY” is to underestimate the true worth of Time. Time in actual sense is of inestimable value!

You can make more money, if you loose money but you can not make more time, once you waste it or allow it to be wasted.

One of the greatest enemies of mankind today is time wasters and they abound everywhere and in all forms and shapes. They even masquerade as activities, friends, indulgences, commitments, associations, hobbies, habits, followerships, passion, ideologies etc.

Either you waste your time or you allow your time to be wasted, you’re responsible for it.

Time is too precious to be wasted by anybody or anything. Whatever is not productive, non- impactful, adds no value to you or depletes your worth is just wasting your time.

Be selfish and intentional with your time..Avoid and resist time wasters and make the best and positive use of your time. It is YOUR time!

Don’t be enslaved by non-positives. Time wasters are simply life wasters.

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