‘Tunde Goes To Teach @ The Apostolic Government Middle School, Ipetumodu Ife North State Constituency, Osun State.

It was a dusty, dry and windy harmattan morning as I set out for about an hour drive towards the boundary of Ipetumodu and Odeomu to join my awesome students and fellow teachers at The Apostolic Government Middle School, Ipetumodu.

The school resumed 7:30 am and after taking a 30-minutes inspirational talk session with the students on the assembly ground, I rubbed mind with the teachers for about 15minutes before moving to the grade 9 ( JSS3) class to take my first subject.

My students were so amazing and the class was very interactive and impactful. One of my students, Ezekiel, was simply exceptional and outstanding. He answered questions, not as expected of a 12-years old grade 9 student, but as though an economic expert using the right economic terms and lexicon.

He is indeed a whizzkid and one of the many great talents spread across the length and breadth of our State. His performance validates my message of hope to our young ones that what happens around us is nothing compared to what happens within us. In the midst of the obvious challenges and limitations of today, we must be determined to rise to greatness and we will.

Despite teaching in a modest public school in a rustic environment, I’m quite happy that I discovered a potential Minister of Finance, CBN governor or Professor of economics among other young great minds aspiring to be Doctors, Civil Engineers, Pilots, etc that I met in the classroom yesterday.

A big thank you to the hardworking Director of Middle School, Osun State, Mrs. Oladimeji for her passion and commitment towards a functional education. To my amazing students at The Apostolic Government Middle School, Ipetumodu and beyond, I’m proud of you and I love you all.

Good Morning.

‘Tunde Olatunji
Office of the Chief Whip
Osun State House of Assembly
Teacher | Economic & Financial Expert | Public Servant