‘Tunde Olatunji Covid-19 Essay Competition

To be challenged in life is inevitable but to be defeated is optional.

Across the globe, the greatest priority today is how to combat the dreaded COVID -19 pandemic and mitigate it’s negative socio-economic impact on humanity.

Besides, when the pandemic eventually begins to subsides, individuals must be prepared to adjust to new realities, lots of businesses will need to re-strategise for survival, government at all levels will be confronted with difficult questions and hard choices.

However, while the search for cure and supports for survival is on, proactive nations are already thinking ahead and they have started working on their Post COVID-19 economic recovery strategies in parallel.

In the light of this, we must acknowledge that the latent capacity of productuve youths in solving societal problems remain one of the greatest asset of any nation, when fully maximised. While we stay safe and institutions still closed, i believe youths can deploy their intellectual and creative ability positively towards proffering practical solutions that can help us and our society in the Post Covid-19 economic revovery.

This is an online essay competion for the youths of our dear state and intrested students/participants can visit: https://www.tundeolatunji.com/covid-19-essay-competition/

With critical thinking, strategic planning, hard work, right choices and God on our side, we can actually transist from this Pandemic to Prosperity and the time to start planning is now.

May the good Lord heal our Land!

‘Tunde Olatunji
Office of the Chief Whip
Osun State House of Assembly