In futherance of our commitment towards the wellbeing of our people, I was privileged to give out food support to vulnerable aged in five hundred (500) households in my constituency on friday.

It was no doubt very tasking to have personally distributed the items accross our constituency, as it took us seven(7) straight hours, mostly on foot. But it was quite fulfilling,revealing, impactful and emotional for me and the team.

What we did was beyond giving food items/cash, it was to personally convey the much needed complimentary message of hope and assurances that Leadership must pass to the people at a very trying moment such as this and to let them know we share their pains and we truly care. Particularly, to those who had been vulnerable even before the pandemic broke out.

Someone asked, ain’t you suppose to stay away? I told him, “I will take all precautionary measures,stay safe and pray to be saved, but we can not abandon our people. That is not Leadership! Leadership is simply responsibility. It is not in the titles we carry or the positions we occupy. If we can not be fit for purpose at a time like this, then we have no business in governance in the first place.

Giving this token of support a week after distibuting over a thousand bottles of sanitizers and hundreds of nose/mouth mask and gloves, means alot to our people and I’m happy to see smiles amidst pains on the faces of our dear grandmas and grandpas.

Our Constituency call center is also running perfectly and people have been calling, even from outside Ife North.

Good morning and happy palm Sunday. May God heal our land!

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‘Tunde Olatunji
Office of the Chief Whip
Email : info@tundeolatunji.com
Website : www.tundeolatunji.com
Teacher | Economic & Financial Expert | Public Servant

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