Who Are Your Friends?

To build capacity and transform human beings to human capital is a calling for me!

Exactly a year ago, a multitalented OAP and human resources devotee sought my consent to be one of the facilitators at his regular training aimed at tackling unemployment and unemployability for the second consecutive time and I agreed pro bono.

Today, AT Oderinu is one of my friends and partners in this generational assignment and he earns my respect for making himself a youth problem solver and not one of the youth problems to be solved.

Now, who are those you call your friends? What type of character populates your list of friends?
Are they vision helpers or vision killers?

You can not keep making friends with fellows who are aliens to your vision and expect your vision not to be alienated.

Anyone who is not fit for impactful purpose in your life does not deserve to be called your friend.

They are like excess weights and luggages, if you want to go far and fast in life,the only option you have is to shed them.

Good morning and have a productive new week.

I am ‘Tunde Olatunji.