Your Talent Is Your Greatest Gift, Don’t Miss It

Your Talent Is Your Greatest Gift, Don't Miss It

A Nigerian female artist sold 2 pieces of artwork for 2.3 Billion Naira).

A lot of people miss greatness in life because they choose to function in the wrong direction.

Many are frustrated today because they erroneously assume education and certificate is a substitute for talents and skills. Whereas, the purpose of education is to discover, refine and complement your talents. Carrying Certificates without having skills is like keeping a copy of an old newspaper.

For some, their parents actually laid the foundation of their misfortune by forcing them into career paths that is totally at variance with their talents, God given abilities and areas of strength.

Njideka Akunyili Crosby is the daughter of late Prof. Dora Akunyili of NAFDAC. She was born in 1983 at Enugu, Nigeria to a Surgeon father and a pharmacologist mother but Njideka chooses to be an artist and she developed her talent in painting.

In September 2018, her painting, “Bush Babies”, was sold at a record-breaking $3.4 million (1.2 billion Naira) at an auction in the United Kingdom. Making it the most expensive artwork in Africa and one of the most expensive in the world. In March 2017, at Christie’s London, she also sold one of her paintings, “The Beautyful Ones”, for $3.1 million (1.1 billion Naira).

Some parents would have insisted on their daughter becoming either a medical doctor like the father or a pharmacist like the mum or at worst, go for any other science related career. But Njideka’s parents never did that, they acknowledged God’s gift in her and helped nurture it.

When a man intensifies energy in the wrong direction, efforts far outweigh results. Things rarely work and it begins to look as if he is a failure and people even start to look at him as one. Whereas, he is not! He is only a victim of the wrong application of efforts!

Today, there are many potential world class photographers working in the banks, amazing designers/Tailors engaged as lawyers in law chambers, possible grammy award winners working as medical doctors, great footballers ending up as architects, and so on. Speed in the wrong direction makes no sense and leads no where. Regardless of how long you have struggled on the wrong path, it is never too late to rediscover yourself and redirect your efforts in the right direction.

You are not born a failure, don’t condition yourself to be one. Your talent remains your greatest gift, don’t miss it.

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‘Tunde Olatunji
Office of the Chief Whip
Osun State House of Assembly
Teacher | Economic & Financial Expert | Public Servant